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5.21.2010 | advice, Motivation, My Blog

Given that I now have some free time that I could devote to my writing, my step-mother recommended that I see a friend of hers who is a ‘writing coach’.  Now, I don’t really know what a writing coach is, but it sounds interesting nonetheless. Who knows, maybe he’ll be able to give me some ideas on how to forge ahead. Sort of take the reins a bit and steer me in the right direction. Be there to offer support and guidance, and let me know how I can improve. Be some sort of leader, if you will. Some form of instructor who focuses on my abilities… if only there were a word for a person like that.

I met the WC at a coffee shop on Dunbar and we had a nice hour-long chat about life, spirituality, travel and travel writing. I told him about my trip to Kili and, as it turns out, he had actually climbed Kili as a child. I told him about going to Kigali, and he told me that someone in his family works as security for a government figure there. I told him about wanting to go see Zanzibar, and he told me that he had lived there for seven years. You know, I’m thinking that this relationship could really work…

He certainly gave me some things to think about regarding writing, travel and spirituality, and left me with some suggestions on where to go next, and what books to look at picking up in the used book store. I’ll see him again next week, and hopefully I will have completed the ‘homework’ he gave me by then.

I’ll be honest; I’d love to turn this blog into something more, but as I spoke with the WC, I realized that I didn’t know what direction I wanted it to go in. Hell, I didn’t even know what direction I *didn’t* want it to go in. Am I wanting to do Travel Writing? Am I going the direction of Inspiring Others? What about Self-Help? Am I going to write about the Spirituality of Adventure?


Man… this whole ‘think before you write’ thing is complicated!

I’m so confused.




Can I suggest “Listen to your heart”? It always work for me. In everything. So maybe it will help in whatever direction you are looking for. xo.


I thought you were telling me to listen to Roxette.

…that’s a good song and all, but you know… it’s Roxette.

I’ll take my own path, Claudia – don’t you worry. 🙂