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The Ay-yi-yi!’s of March

3.01.2010 | 0 Comments


Well here it is – March 1st. Today I get down to it and really start focusing on the fact that chocolate has become a food group in my diet, there’s an extra flubby roll across my waistband when I bend down to tie up my shoes, and I jiggle in the places I’m not supposed to jiggle. (Sadly, I also don’t jiggle where I’m supposed to jiggle, but that’s a whole other topic, really).

I have thrown away all my popcorn. I have tossed out the butter. I have emptied the Chocolate Jar (I attempted to do this by eating the contents, but this was apparently counter-productive). I have locked the liquor cabinet, tossed out the crackers, and glued my Cookies and Cakes cookbook shut.

Sooooo… my life pretty much sucks right now. *sigh*

Nah, not really. It’s rather exciting, actually, but that’s mostly because I drink about 4 litres of water a day now, and find myself journeying into strange and exotic places looking for a washroom. (FYI: Joey’s on Broadway and Granville has the best bathroom EVER).

So, aside from my Olympic Urinating Relay, and my Olympic Naughty Grocery Toss, I now need to tackle the Olympic Get My Butt In Shape-a-thon.

And in the end, I’ll get to hang a snow-covered, equatorial, free-standing mountain around my neck.


Procrasti… ahh, I’ll think of a title later…

2.23.2010 | 0 Comments



March is when it’ll all begin.

In March, I’ll get back on track with yoga! In March, Ali and I will get back to hiking every weekend! In March, I will let my liver recover and will stop drinking beer! In March, I will aggressively start my fund-raising campaign! In March, I will go out and buy all the gear I need to start camping! In March, I will start camping!

March. Yes. That’s it. March.

...there is a very good possibility that I may just copy and paste this post again in three and a half weeks.

APRIL! April is when it’ll all begin…