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“Whoa, it’s so big…..”

8.15.2010 | My Blog

Heard from Robyn again!  It sounds like all of her flights were fairly uneventful. Apparently the airport in Nairobi reminds her a bit of her old high school, which is pretty much what I expected from an African airport. But then again, I watch a lot of movies like The Ghost and The Darkness which I don’t think really depicts Africa quite the way it is today, considering it was supposed to take place in 1896. Shows what I know about Africa. So back to Robyn!

I really think the flight to Dar es Salaam is best summed up in her own words, as she is a much better writer then I and has the advantage of actually experiencing the moment. So here is the excerpt from her email to me. Don’t worry, I edited out the mushy stuff.

Now… the flight from Nairobi to Dar was… was… wow. Someone sat in my seat by accident, so I got their seat instead, which was nice, as it was an exit row! There we were, flying over Africa, when there it was – Mt. Kilimanjaro. Standing tall above a sea of while clouds, it was MASSIVE. It was HUGE, it was… Mt Mehru??  What? That’s right besider Kili, so where’s….

Oh. My. GOD.

I saw it. I saw Mt. Kilimanjaro right there. And it was BIGGER than Mt. Mehru. It was gorgeous. I could see the summit right in front of me, and I knew it, I knew right then that I would stand there. No second-guessing. That summit is mine, and it will be because Mt. Kilimanjaro will allow me to summit. It’s a beautiful mountain. Of course, I cried. I couldn’t help it. I don’t think anyone would have been able to! It’s very, very wide, and very, very tall.”
That’s what I like to hear! Go Robyn!! And so she spent the better parts of the last two days exploring, revising plans, catching up on much needed, jet-lag induced sleep, and generally trying to acclimatize herself to her new surroundings. But all seems well and she sounds like she’s ready to climb a mountain now. Yay!!!!
– Chris



Boooooooooooo… for editing out the mushy stuff. 😉


GO ROBYN!!! Very Proud of you!! <3 and mush from your little Ladner bank girl!

Hey Robyn – I am thinking about you and sending powerful thoughts and energy to the TOP!