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8.31.2010 | My Blog


Whew! I was starting to get worried there or a little while. I was expecting to hear from her all day yesterday, and kept checking my email every 30 minutes or so just to make sure that when something arrived I got it as soon as possible. But now that worry can be done!!

The internet was down at the Marangu Hotel when they arrived back, so she was finally able to send me a quick note from a usurped computer when an employee of the hotel walked away for a minute. It was 3 hours until her flight left, which was 4 hour ago, so she should be on her way back to Dar es Salaam for a connecting flight to Amsterdam. She’ll have a 9 hour layover at AMS, so I’m sure I’ll get plenty more information at that point.

She didn’t mention anything about the climb, or the result, and personally I think that’s a good thing. I think the story should be told from the troubadour’s perspective anyways, so I won’t be giving away the ending. She’ll do a write up that I can post when she has the time.

All I can say is what I will be repeating in my head for the next 24 hours: She’s safe, she’s safe, she’s safe, she’s safe, she’s safe……..





Michael Rudd

pic of her friend alison at the top!