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8.01.2010 | My Blog, Uncategorized

11 more sleeps.

It’s funny, as my departure day edges closer and closer, I am beginning to do those things that I have been saying, “I’ll do it closer to the date…”  to for the last 7 months. I mean, I’ve got all the big stuff done (flights, insurance, inoculations, traveler’s cheques, Tanzanian Visa…), but its those little things (figure out medication timing, what’s the time change like, what am I wearing on the plane?…)  that are being checked off the list at an alarming rate.

11 more sleeps.

This feels like something I can’t quite get a grasp on, and something over which I have very little control. Like the proverbial snowball that’s completely moving at its own rate, by its own volition, with nothing that I have in my power to stop it, or slow it, or make it disappear. The only real control I have at this point is the option to cancel.

And that’s not an option at all.

I wish the time would go by faster, so that I didn’t have to wait for the time to come.

11 more sleeps.