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The Protein Bar Taste Test Continues!

4.07.2010 | My Blog, Protein Bar Taste Test

Brand: Phytoberry Protein

Flavour:  …phytoberry I guess. What’s a phytoberry?

Tag Line: Protein and Fruit Energy Bar

First Ingredient: Protein Blend (There are FAR too many ingredients in this to list.)

I know what a blueberry is. I know what a raspberry is. I’m confident in my knowledge of blackberries. All of these berries are proudly displayed in a tantalizing picture on the wrapper of the phytoberry bar. This could prove to be tasty!

This bar is about 45 grams. After taste-testing it two weeks ago, I have approximately 43.5 grams of it left over.

I don’t know what a phytoberry is, but I don’t like it. Apparently a phytoberry is purple, though. And a phytoberry tastes like cereal. In fact, the phytoberry may be the secret ingredient in Boo Berry cereal, because the phytoberry bar has an eerily similar taste to Boo Berry cereal. Unfortunately, it is NOT Boo Berry cereal. If it were, I would have gladly eaten it.

The phytoberry bar is essentially Boo Berry jam mashed together with Rice Krispies. This bar isn’t sure if it’s a bar, a fruit or a cereal. I guess that’s to be expected when one calls oneself ‘phytoberry’. What the hell is a phytoberry!? It’s something with an identity crisis, that’s for sure.

Although the phytoberry bar is NOT Boo Berry cereal, I still find that I am being haunted by it. I think that has something to do with the fact that I spent $3.88 (before tax) on the dumb thing, and only ate about 45 cents worth of it before my gag reflex kicked in.

I’m going to have to go eat some Lucky Charms to wash the taste away once and for all. Pffft… Phytoberry. You’re not even a berry, you liar!





Lol I actually laughed out loud when I read this! I don’t mean to be critical but I think it’s pretty obvious what the phyto is suppose to be representing. The Phyto clearly referes to the phytonutrients of a variety of berries. In all fruits, vegetables and legumes there are components refered to as phytonutrients they have tons of well noted health benefits. Clearly this product has extracted these nutrients from all berry sources hence the name. LOL they are definitely not implying there is some fruit called a phytoberry hahaha. I recommend the following Eat right Ontario site ( for you to do a little more research before bashing a product for being a liar when in fact it was your lack of infornmation that lead to you misinterpreting the name. On a side note the product emergen-C is infact a vitamin C product and not an actual emergency … put down the phone no need to call 911! 🙂


Hello Scott,

Phyto is the Spanish word for sarcasm.

Thanks for taking the time to write!