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The Power of One

4.23.2010 | Motivation, My Blog

I cried on my way in to work this morning.

I had my iPod on ‘shuffle’, and the song it chose to play was The Rainmaker from The Power of One soundtrack.

Now, here’s there thing about The Power of One – as much as I loved the movie, in my opinion the book  is far, far better. It is the book I most recommend to people when they are looking for a good read. The only downside to the book, is that it doesn’t have the incredible music that the movie does. Ahhhh, Hans Zimmer… is there anything you can’t do?

For me, The Rainmaker is by far the most moving song on the The Power of One soundtrack, and this morning when I heard the first few seconds of The Rainmaker, I got chills.

Then the tears came.

It made me think of my fast-approaching trip to Africa, and how completely overwhelming it is to consider. It scares me, but I also sense a strange kind of peace at the same time. I can’t shake the feeling that this trip will change my life. I have no idea what to expect, I don’t know how it will go, who I will meet, how the air will smell, or how the earth will feel. But I do know that something there is waiting. I don’t know if it’s something good, or something not so good, but I know it’s something.

My life right now is calm. I’m not in a place where I feel that I must change something. I’m content.  I enjoy my days (although I’d really like to have a nice, handsome, romantic boy to share those days with… but that’s another story altogether…), and really feel that I am a happy, successful woman.

But a change is coming to me, whether I want it or not.  Sometimes one can just sense these things…

And so, as I sat in the parkade at work, I pressed repeat on the ol’ iPod and sat in my car, listening to The Rainmaker again. I saw a world far bigger than myself. An expanse of… something – air, blue, sweetness, openness, red soil, high mountains, a far tree in the distance. A huge nothing of… something.

And for all that I didn’t know about that ‘nothing of something’, I knew one thing for certain:

I’m going there.




Hans Zimmer is the Tobias of Film Scoring. He probably had a “God-Tobias” conversation too.


Aahaha – nice, Claudia!