The Last Supper party (or Full Moon)

8.21.2010 | Uncategorized

Two more days of fun to go for our intrepid voyager.

Tonight they dance and sing and party at the Kendwa Rocks’ Full Moon party! I have no idea what that is, we didn’t speak for long enough to get details on what it could entail, but a full moon sounds like a pretty good reason to party to me!! Except the moon isn’t actually full until August 24th…..hmmm….

Well, any excuse to party while on vacation, right?

The next day they spend in motion as they fly from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam, picking up one more member of the climb team, then flying to the airport by Mount Kilimanjaro. One more night of rest spent in the Marangu Hotel before 8 days of mountain climbing fun! The count down is on.




Thanks for keeping tabs on ‘er, Chris. And how exciting that she’s hit the $12000 mark!