The Last of The Brunch-hicans

3.26.2010 | Cara Thien, Personal Trainer

This morning I am going to meet Ali for brunch at my favourite restaurant in Vancouver: Twisted Fork! We are going to talk about the Kili Gala and other Kili-related things while drinking coffee and eating really, really, really good food.

Twisted Fork is a relaxed French bistro on Granville St. (at about Davie). It is owned and operated by business-genius siblings Mike and Andrea Leslie, and full-of-win chef Corey Sullivan. It’s a fairly new place in Vancouver, but was transplanted from Fernie, BC where it was the award-winning restaurant The Wood. The food is great, the people are lovely, and the atmosphere is laid-back and funky. I love this place so much.

I chose Twisted Fork for brunch today, because it is my last gastronomic hurrah for four weeks. Y’see, I have been given a meal plan from Cara, and I start it tomorrow morning at 6:30am. The meal plan is designed to trim the sugar from my diet (I am seriously addicted to sugar. It frightens me), and to get my body in a nice, lean shape. I’ve done these meal plans before, and it really is amazing how quickly the body changes when you only put clean, healthy food in it.

*sigh* no more popcorn for dinner. No more mini Snickers bars before bed.

Hello oatmeal, basa, green beans, quinoa, brown rice, egg whites and (*shudder*) protein shakes.

Oh Twisted Fork, I love you. Thank you for your help in sending me to Dietary Blahville with delicious memories of your fantabulous menu.

Off I go!