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4.01.2010 | Hikes, My Blog, The Team

Ahhh, the first post on my new site. It may take me a while to get the hang of this new place, but I’ll try to learn fast. So? What do you think? Like the new digs? Look around and you’ll see some new stuff here and there.  I’m so glad you came by!

I’m back in the world of the healthy… I think. I took 2.5 days off work, and I think it really helped. Just to sit on the couch, read, nap and drink tea was far more healing than anything that Tylenol or Nyquil could provide. However, I *did* have some Neo-Citran, but that’s just because I like how it tastes (I know. I’m weird that way). The stuff had actually expired in 2006 (you can see how often I get sick), and came out of the package as a lump of bouncy crystal log instead of cascading like a healing waterfall, but it still tasted ok.  What?

Tomorrow Ali and I are hiking The Chief in Squamish. We’re doing all 3 peaks. I think. Now, considering I get winded when I talk on the phone, this hike may be a bit difficult for me. I was going to cancel, but I thought to myself, ‘what if I get sick like this on Kili? I’d still have to carry on!’ So… I’m hiking The Chief tomorrow.

If I were in pain I wouldn’t do a hike, because that could obviously do a lot of harm. But since it’s just a cold I’m recovering from, I’ll be ok.

Ali, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. She’s going to be hiking with me for hours as I snurffle, hack, cough, spit, choke and blargh. I’m sure she’ll have a lovely time.

Happy Faux Friday, and welcome to! Wheeeee!




From Ali…



congrats on the site!


From a very wonderful friend…

Robyn —

I just wanted to tell you I have been reading every blog post, and following all of it — and you are so inspirational. I’ve always thought you’re an incredible woman, but you really have taken it to a whole other level!!

There were a few posts I especially found inspiring and touching, but really — it’s just how awesome you are!!

So I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and rooting for you!


Hey! Just popped by from your old site. The new site rocks! 🙂

Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s really awesome.

Keep it hanging there gals! You are BOTH SO going to kick that K Mountain’s ass. Really. I can feel it. In my couch-potato-creaky-bones! 🙂