The Delta Hospice: Your Local Meanie-Free Zone

3.26.2010 | Motivation, The Delta Hospice

Yesterday I stopped by the Delta Hospice’s Supportive Care Centre in Ladner to pick up some pamphlets. It was a lovely day outside; chilly, yet bright and clear. As I pulled up to The Centre, I noticed a cute, fluffy black bunny happily nibbling away at something on the lawn, pleasantly ignorant of my arrival. It was pretty darn adorable, I must say. But then again, I’m a sap for animals, and I think even possums are pretty darn adorable, too.

Anyway, I went inside the Centre to grab the pamphlets, and was met by a lovely Hospice Volunteer at the front desk. I pointed out the fuzzy black ball of hopping, munching bunny on the lawn, and she remarked that there are many bunnies that make The Supportive Care Centre their place to hang out during the day. And then, with absolute sincerity and with no hint of malice or anger, this lovely volunteer says, “bless their hearts, they’ve eaten all the landscaping, so we’ve had to re-do it all again. I guess everyone has to eat, though!”

And then, with a peaceful, bright smile she handed me what I came for, completely oblivious to the fact that she had just said the Gold Medal Winning Nicest, Most Understanding Statement EVER.

The Delta Hospice: your Local Meanie-Free and Bunny Welcoming Zone.

I love that place.