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8.29.2010 | My Blog

Well, for all those who have been keeping track of Robyn’s progress, if they stuck t the plan she should have climbed to the summit sometime last night at around 9 P.M.

After hanging around on the peak for 20 minutes or so, the group would have turned around and descended for about 8 or 9 hours straight. Which means one thing to me. The best thought I could possibly imagine. She’s almost on her way back!! I can’t wait. Even better, I should hear something from her by way of email tomorrow, possibly even Monday, so this period of information blackout is nearly done! Anybody else as anxious as I am to hear from her?

I’ll post as soon as I hear anything.




Wooo hoooo! I will toast Robyn whilst gorging myself at the Feast of Fields today.

Michael Rudd

Alison tweeted earlier today that they were heading to the summit today


Great news, Michael! ….. must figure out how to ‘tweet’ 🙂

Anxious, in a good way, to hear an update. Don’t have Robyn’s graph in front of me, but great to hear she should be on her descent …. wishing her continued good things (like stamina, tasty protein bars and soft tp, well maybe ANY tp), until she arrives home, safe and sound.


Thanks for the update, Chris! And Yay for Robyn! I’m rooting for her all the way from Singapore! (And trying to figure out the whole time zone conversion from this side of the globe) She’s a tough little lady, isn’t she?! You must be awfully proud of her! I am! She is a champion in her own right, and I’m proud to call her my friend! xo.

P/s: Yeah Michael, I saw Ali’s tweet! It was exciting to know they are just at the last part of their great climb and it seems like all is going according to schedule!