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Secondhand greetings from the Motherland!

8.14.2010 | My Blog

Hello faithful followers of the Climb For Hospice,

My name is Chris and I will be your new keyboard pilot for the rest of this journey up to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. I’ve been tasked with sending along all the news that I receive (hopefully daily) from Robyn in Tanzania, and I will try and relay the info in as timely a fashion as I get it. Sound good? Mmmkay.

She’s made it safely all the way to Dar Es Salaam via Amsterdam and Nairobi. I haven’t heard anything about the flights after landing in Amsterdam, but her KLM flight across the Atlantic was apparently a good start as she sat next to a nice middle-aged couple on the flight, then spent the majority of her six hour layover debating the finer points of pastry.

She is now staying with with a friend of a friend, Alex, and members of his family in Dar Es Salaam. Isn’t it magical to have globe trotting friends? Aside from the obviously TREMENDOUS amount of culture shock that one would experience, all seems well. They went for a nice dinner last night at a beautiful restaurant named the Seacliff. Apparently it is aptly named, as at one point a larger then average wave decided, without consulting the patrons of the restaurant, to smash into said cliff and soak them.

Robyn says the water is warm.

More to come as I get it!!

– Your friendly neighborhood message relay system, Chris

P.S. – The donations haven’t stopped, either. After another yesterday, she is inching up to the $12,000 line. AMAZING!!!




The water was very warm, and also very salty – it’s the Inidna Ocean! I was laughing pretty hard, as I thought it was funny… we actually only had drinks at the seacliff (I had the pina colada – NO ICE!), and it was totally awesome. We went to have dinner at home after, and it turns out that the woman I’m staying with is like, the best cook EVAR. I ate until I could eat no more! Then I went to bed and fell into a happy coma. Love you Chris, and thank you for updating the blog so very well. I left it in very good hands, indeed. xo


Hello Chris, and thank you for taking on this task!

Sounds like a great start to the adventure, Robyn! Coma-inducing food is always a welcome thing.