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Pain for Me, Prizes for You

5.06.2010 | Fundraising, Kili Gala, My Blog

The good thing about this blog is that I’m not expected to write about last night’s hockey game.  So… I won’t.

The other day Michael was chatting with me about his new physiotherapist. He said that she was really quite an incredible body worker, and perhaps maybe she could be of assistance to me regarding my wonky hips. He told me that she’s got a mondo waitlist, so I should call ASAP to at least get my name in. I’ll probably be waiting a very long time to see her, but that’s ok – at least I’ll get in at some point, right?

So this morning I have an appointment with Michael’s physiotherapist…

And now I bring you Kili Gala Raffle Prize #2…  To recap, I am going to reveal one Kili Gala Raffle Prize a day until the actual Kili Gala on June 5th. The Kili Gala, of coyrse, is the mondo fundraising party that we’re throwing to benefit the Delta Hospice Society. Want tickets? Drop me a line at [email protected], or simply contact me through this site…

Kaymaran Adenture Tours is owned and operated by a very great dog named Brodie. He is instrumental in keeping our harbour safe from the evil sticks that float in the river. He bravely jumps in the water and soundly defeats those floating menaces with bravery and skill. And sharp teeth.

I spoke with Brodie about my upcoming Kili Gala fundraiser, and he was keen to help. Right away he told me to contact his best friend Tony, who does all the things at Kaymaran that require the use of an opposable thumb.

Brodie had Tony write out a gift certificate for a free Guided Kayak Tour. I mean seriously – isn’t that totally AWESOME!? Yah, I KNOW! Totally awesome. I wasn’t expecting Brodie to be so generous, but I am so thrilled that he so readily gave such support. GOOD DOG!

So, when you win this Raffle Prize at the Kili Gala on June 5th, make sure you bring a little something with you to thank Brodie, ok? OK!




Good dog, Brodie! You should seriously consider doing some sort of canine world tour to spread some of this awesome canine charitable spirit around. You know, sign some bones or something? Oh wait! You have no opposable thumbs. Hmmm.. ok, maybe lick some bones or pee on some sticks? Or maybe Tony can do the signing and you do the peeing. Whatever. Just work out something which works for both of you. 😉


The Brodie Generosity Tour 2010! Brought to you by Floating Sticks Incorporated