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Not Drowning, but Waving

5.13.2010 | Motivation, My Blog

Today, I am venturing forth into the world of bravery. A world full of frightening things, a world which few dare to enter. A world where one’s mettle is tested, and where a mind can be shattered in a mere instant. One risks many things in this world, and does so knowingly… yet one still chooses to goes in anyway. One must be heroic

This world is not for the weak.

This world is not for the mere, nor for the partial. One must be confident, secure, solid and skilled. One must be prepared.

This world is calling to me now, and I have no capacity to resist. I must rely on my memory to get me through. I must rely on my feigned ignorance.

And so I go… I’m going cautiously, but with mustered grace. I’m going wisely, and with hope. I’m going set with knowledge, yet, astutely unaware.

I… am going swimming.