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6.16.2010 | Motivation, My Blog

Sometimes I think about my upcoming Kilimanjaro adventure, and I’m proud of the fact that I’m attempting to accomplish a monumental feat. Yes, the world is full of dreamers and doers, and with the Kili summit under my belt, I too get to be one of those dreamers and doers.

And so I get to thinking about what an incredible, brave, driven company of doers I am in Ed Viesturs, Thomas Edison, Jane Goodall, Christopher Hitchens, … the list is entirely endless. All of those people out there who at one point thought to themselves that they wanted to do something for themselves, or they wanted better things for the world, and they just went out and did it.

Be it an invention, an idea, a manuscript, a sanctuary, an organization, a mountain, or a thousand other things, it’s all achievable. And with that, of all those that did achieve… well, this incredible company of dreamers and doers will soon have one more member: me. And that makes me so proud to be in such distinguished, monumentally important indiv…









To me, a dream fulfilled need not be an earth shattering one. It doesn’t need to appear on wikipedia or the local news. To every person who has ever had a dream, no matter how big or small, and they finally DID it, they are heros in their own right.

When the Agoraphobic finally make it to the meet-the-parents day of their 5-yr-old, they are a dreamer and a do’er. They dreamt and they did it.

When the Aviatophobic finally breathes his first 30,000feet above, he dreamt and he has done.

Fear often immobilises us. But when the dream is bigger than our fear, and our motivation bigger than the inconvenience to overcome it, we are right up there, with all the heros of our times and before.

And you, my friend, is one of them. xo.


Courage is not the absence of fear…it’s moving ahead despite fear.


I bet it took a lot of courage to don 215 pairs of undies.