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Laugh it up, Fuzzball

6.13.2010 | Facts, My Blog

I’m really glad that I’m writing a blog at this time in my life. It gives me the chance to express my strange brand of humour in a new, more mature way.

Because when I was a kid, I used to tear open tea bags and snort the contents up my nose just to make my brother Todd laugh.

I truly appreciate that I don’t have to resort to such lowbrow tactics anymore.

…Well, until I get Writer’s Block anyway.

*tears open teabag*




LOL! Talk about low-brow humour…Sophia showed Aaden a clip on Youtube of a monkey sticking his (I assume it’s a boy) finger in his butt, sniffing it, and falling off the branch he’s perched on.

Aaden thinks it’s hilarious…so much so that she walks around the house crying, “Monkey butt! Monkey butt!” when we won’t let her watch it one more time. And *that* makes us laugh heartily.