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Jet Laggin’

9.03.2010 | My Blog

Good morning!


Wait… evening?

…it’s four am, isn’t it?

Thursday? Friday. Definitely Friday. Or else it’s Saturday. For SURE it’s one of those three.

I think.

Jetlag has hit hard, and has been compounded by the fact that I got food poisoning or something… I had a lovely flight home from Amsterdam, crammed into the jumpseat across from the toilet, shivering, wrapped in blankets and desperately happy that whoever designed barf bags for airplanes made sure to make them extra sturdy.


Needless to say, I am happy to be home! Chris did a great job updating the blog, and given that he and I were out of contact for about nine days, I’m quite surprised that I didn’t see a blog post from him that just said:

All waiting and no hearing make Chris a crazy boy…

He greeted me at the airport with the promise of nachos for dinner, and that made me love him even more. Ali and I were torturing each other on our last day of camping by just randomly blurting out foods that we missed. The game was coming to a head when she pulled out the big guns and said, “Kraft Dinner with weiners!” Man, that one got me. I was stunned into awed, stomach-burbling, food-craving silence until I was able to end the game with a solitary word: NACHOS.

In the morning, I don’t think there have been two people that ran out of a tent and down a mountain faster. Nachos are apparently a very good motivator for both of us.

The food that we had on our adventure was pretty good. It was cooked by a nice porter named Seacu who was able to serve up some… uhhh… interesting food combos for us. Anyone else ever had a french fry omelet? How about potatoes topped with ground tuna? It has taken some time, but I have slowly been able to cleanse my palate’s memory of my camping cuisine. I can tell you one thing, if I never drink another cup of tea again, I won’t complain.  Oh, and don’t even MENTION Milo!   *urp*

I’m slowly coming back to the world of the living, and I’m grateful for your patience. I will do my best to stay conscious long enough to write blog posts from time-to-time… speaking of which, I think it’s time for me to go back to bed.

I do have to say one thing before I go: do you have ANY idea how fantastic it is to crawl into your bed without having to inflate it first? And the fact that I can access happy-happy sleepy land without having to crawl into a zippered, sweaty nylon prison is enough to make any girly-girl have the sweetest of dreams.

‘Night all.

…or good afternoon.






I was laughing at your blurting-out-food game (after only 9 days!? c’mon!) until I read what you were eating while gone. Ground tuna sounds really unappetizing, especially on top of potatoes.