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I’m Totally Crying…

7.30.2010 | Fundraising, Motivation, My Blog, The Delta Hospice

How does one write with shaking fingers?

How does one sit still to compose a simple blog, while simultaneously wiping the cold sweat from her brow and the tears from her eyes?

How does one ever, EVER get across to the world just how grateful and humbled one has become, by the simple act of reading one tiny, emotion-packed, joy-laden, intensely exciting and endlessly moving email?

I have been truly honoured by the kindness and generosity of the most kind and generous souls.  But this… THIS goes beyond all that one could ever expect.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has finally happened:




It is my pleasure to relay this email to you, to pass on to you the exact feeling of elation that exploded -EXPLODED!- into my heart mere moments ago…

Well done, Robyn.

I have admired you intensely since you came up with the idea and enjoyed your blog for a while, so decided yesterday that I was going to match the Kili donations that you have received to this point.

So, your $5,784.40 just screamed through the $10K mark and is now sitting at – what? – $11,568.80.

Train your ass off!

Go, girl.

I will, kind sir, I will.
I will go, GO, GO!

This is it. This was my mountain. Raising that $10,000 was the ultimate goal for me, and now that I have been fortunate enough to stand showered with the shared generosity of all of you who gave to support the Delta Hospice Society, I feel as though Mt. Kilimanjaro is now on my side. No longer do I see it as something that is trying to defeat me. Now I see it as something that wants me to succeed.
And I will.
I will.
Thank you.   THANK YOU.
Thank you.



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