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6.10.2010 | Facts, My Blog

I leave for Africa in 64 days.

I have 9 weekends left in which to hike and camp my soul away.

I have $4736.60 to raise, 2 prescriptions to buy (Malarone and something for Typhoid), 23 days worth of travel insurance to purchase, 1 Royal Bank Visa to activate, 1 Tanzanian Visa to apply for,  5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of sandals to buy.

I need clothing, footwear and toiletries for 6 beach days, 4 desert days, 2 rainforest days, 3 alpine days, 1 snow day, 3 safari days, and 2 air travel days.

My bag cannot weigh more than 33lbs.

I need more than a 16gig memory card.

I have to practice consuming 4 litres of water per day.

I need to find 13 days worth of lodging in east Africa,13 days worth of 3 meals a day in east Africa, and have 13 days worth of spending money for east Africa.

I need to have 4 different types of currency.

All of this to travel 15, 028 kms to climb 19,340 feet (while being 10hrs ahead of Vancouver time), in an attempt to raise $10,000.

I am a Grade-A, First Class,  #1 nutbar.




If you are not so far out, I’ll hire you as my accountant! My gawd….you have a gift, lady!


That and the fact that I can’t afford you. Of course.


Trust me lady, if I were your accountant, you’d end up with cucumber and horse stalls as your net pay.

…not that there’s anything wrong with that.