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7.19.2010 | My Blog, Uncategorized

A recap of my life for those who may be new to the blog:

In between my charity work with the poor, and my 24-hour, on-call, volunteer position with the Saving-Kittens-From-Burning-Buildings Society, I am climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for The Delta Hospice Society.

Although it’s certainly filling up my schedule with planning and preparation, I still have time each week to teach underprivileged children how to ride bikes, and I’m also able to fit in my bi-weekly visit to the farm where they rescue and rehab racing greyhounds. I am also quite content with keeping my position as President of the Board for the Real Men Don’t Eat Sea Urchins Society.

I am certainly able to continue with my PhD thesis on Caring for the Caregiver, but unfortunately I’ve had to cut down my daily trips to the SPCA to walk the dogs and clean the cat cages. Alas, I can only do that 3x a week now. It breaks my heart, but sometimes life gets in the way of life, doesn’t it?

However full my life may become with all my work to better the lives of others, I will always happily make time to speak with my wonderful, loving mother everyday, and also to lavish attention and an appropriate amount of chaste affection on my significant other (who was obviously raised very, very well).

So to those of you who may be just tuning in to this humble blog, I welcome you, and would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am a very good person who respects others.

Especially mothers.

Of sons.





Sooo……I take it Chris’ mother has just started to read your blog??




I won’t write what I desperately want to….it was something you said years ago that, I’m pretty sure, put you on the naughty-and-that’s-awesome list.



Lol! Superb advertisement! ;P


You’re not talking about the whole Twins Night are you, Laura? Because I was totally drunk for that, and I totally needed to pay for my next semester’s tuition!

…ummm, I mean… you must be speaking of when I tripped up that mugger who stole that old lady’s purse, and when he was down on the ground I gave him an extra kick. That’s it, right?