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Aug 25th, 2010 – Day Three

9.13.2010 | My Blog

Shira One to Shira Two

Ahhhhh, good morning.

YIPES!  Oooof… ok, I’m getting the idea that maybe camping just isn’t for me. What do you think? Eeee… not good.

Anyway, after trudging through the blazing sun for a few hours yesterday, we all decided that the best thing to do would be to trudge through the blazing sun for a few hours today. Seems that yesterday I was fortunate enough to get myself some sun stroke, and golly, I must say, it certainly helped to keep my mood bright and chipper! The thought of marching on up to 12, 779 ft today is not really adding to the joy in my heart. Blargh. Yeah, you heard me: blargh.

Yesterday I was a bit concerned because I drank over 4 litres of water and… well… none of it came out again. So, of course I decided that must mean that I was dehydrated. So at dinner, I made sure to drink lots and lots of tea. Needless to say, after waking up 3x last night to engage in the world’s Longest Sustained Urine Expulsion contest, I haven’t had the most restful of sleeps.  Note to self: no fluids after 6pm.

So off we go to Shira Two camp. Because of the incredible amount of dust (and subsequently the beginning of the ‘you have GOT to see this!’ nose blowing game), I decided to cover my face as much as I could so as to avoid inhaling a dust lunch.

I started the day off as Lil’ Ms. Grumpy Pants because I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat of yesterday’s slog. However, the hike today was really great! Not a whole lot of altitude gain, but the scenery was incredible.

Totally like nothing I’d ever seen before, that’s for sure! All Space Age-y, and weird planted…

Totally alien! Cool, eh?  So, after only a few hours, we reached Shira Two camp – it was AWESOME. It was the first ‘above-the-clouds’ camp we hit. It was so incredibly beautiful… no photos can do it justice, but we tried!

Such a strange landscape! Rocky, stubby-trees, gray, bleak… but it was so beautiful. Really, I highly recommend that you go hike Mt. Kilimanjaro just so you can see Shira Two camp. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, we arrived, set up camp, had some lunch, then had a nice long rest. We did a short ‘acclimatization hike’ (about an hour), then settled down to dinner before settling into bed. All in all it was a day that I really enjoyed, and probably the day of the hike that I liked best.  See?  Happy happy!

With this day done, in the bag, over with, finished, complete… let’s see what Ali and I had to say about it…

Team Lug Nut at Shira Two

Next time: Lunch at 15,000 ft!