THANK YOU! | Climb for Hospice


First and foremost, let me thank the Delta Hospice Society for enthusiastically agreeing to let me climb the world’s largest, free-standing equatorial mountain in their honour.

Michael at Open Space Yoga jumped up to sponsor me the very day he heard that I was climbing to raise funds and awareness for the Delta Hospice Society. He has been a wonderful cheerleader, and a man of many ideas. Thank you, Michael – your support means so very much to me.

Laura at Better Still Day Spa really, really, really kicks butt. She has been so generous in her sponsorship, and she’s been such a cool, enthusiastic friend – thank you, Laura. You rock!

Cara. Ohhhhhh, Cara. My personal trainer Cara Thien is an integral, irreplaceable, invincible, insistent supporter not only of this climb, but of me as well. She believes in me, and she makes me believe in myself, too. I can honestly say that I would not be able to do this without her.  Thank you, Cara. You amaze me…

And to my teammate Ali. My friend, my hiking companion, my fellow grumbler, my partner in beer-swilling, nacho-chowing crime. She inspires me, makes me laugh, pushes me forward, makes me laugh, and makes me laugh. How totally cool is it to be climbing a mountain (on another frikken’ continent) with my life-long friend?! Who knew that those 7am pre-school swims for the Ladner Stingrays would bring us here? I’m lucky to have been able to sucker you in to climbing this… ummm… I mean, I’m lucky to have you along. THANK YOU.  (You, me and Ntinka – what a team).  xo

Finally, to the fab, hard-working, trash-talking, young men who made this site for me… this is so frikken’ cool. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time (so very much time!) and the energy to create this website for me. Thank you for believing in my cause, and for helping to make donating to Delta Hospice an easy thing for everyone to do! And last but not least, thank you for not photoshopping my butt to gargantuan proportions. I appreciate that.