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Gala Donors

At the KILI GALA on June 5th, there is going to be a seriously kick-butt raffle draw. We were going to do a silent auction, but I’ll be honest with you, we were too lazy. SO… There are a multitude of raffle draw prizes, and the list is ever-growing. The following businesses/organizations/individuals have donated goods and/or services to the KILI GALA raffle draw. You’re going to like what you see!

PLEASE NOTE: None of the raffle items donated to the Kili Gala Raffle Draw may be redeemed for cash. That’s just a weird thing to do, anyway… ‘hey yah, I won this awesome prize from the Kili Gala, and I don’t want it. Can I have the cash value instead?‘ NO! No, you can’t.