2.08.2010 | Motivation

On Sundays, I usually go for a 3-5 hour hike with my good friend Ali, somewhere in the great, beautiful awesomeness that is Vancouver.

Saturdays and Mondays, I get on my treadmill for at least an hour and a half.

On Tuesday nights, I go to the crazy (but incredible) Core yoga class at OSY.

Wednesday nights are when I attend my Hatha yoga classes at OSY.

And Thursday nights I go to my extremely difficult (but fantastic) personal training class with Cara Thien.

Every day of the week starts with me walking Jenn and Luna for about 30 minutes, and every day of the week ends with me walking Jenn and Luna for about an hour.

And as tough as all this physical training is, the hardest, most tiring, most brain-draining part of this whole adventure… is planning the fund-raising gala. It’s the one thing (aside from altitude sickness) that stresses me out the most. It’s almost head-explosion worthy.

I like having things planned out pretty far in advance, and not being able to do that with the Kili Gala is really quite difficult for me. It was good to *not* hike with Ali yesterday, as we just sat down and chatted about all of our upcoming find-raising events a bit.

This is way more work than I thought it would be.