What a Day for a Hike!

2.07.2010 | Uncategorized

This morning I braved the cold (of my underground parking garage), and Ali braved the elements (running across her driveway in the misty rain to my waiting car), and together we forged ahead (to Ricky’s). We faced difficult decisions (sourdough or whole grain?), endured tests of strength (those little creamers can be hard to open!), and stared in the face of mountains (…of hashbrowns).

Together we discussed important aspects of the journey (bathroom: down the hall to the left), questioned the imperative issues (is it Superbowl Sunday? I thought that was at Thanksgiving or something), and pondered the breath-taking beauty around us (Non-smoking restaurants RULE).

We fought hard-won battles (over the bill), but we were prepared (cash, debit, credit). And when the time came for us to leave it all behind (plus a 20% tip), we did so full of pride, joy, and renewed vigor (in a word: coffee).

Another morning spent in the beauty of nature!




It most certainly was a day of Trials ("she's forgotten my milk hasn't she?") and Tribulations ("my poached eggs aren't cooked enough"). It was touch and go for a while there.