Eddie Money is Watching Me Drive

1.13.2010 | Delta Optimist, Fundraising, Ladner

I love this community, really I do.

On my commute to work this morning, I was stopped at the intersection of Hwy 10 and Hwy 17, waiting for the light to turn. I knew the story of my climb came out in The Delta Optimist today, so I was even more chipper than usual, as I sat there happily singing along to Take me Home Tonight by Eddie Money (I’m an 80’s music addict, and I’m not ashamed to admit that).

I looked to my left and realized that the gentleman in the next car over was being thoroughly entertained by my enthusiastic lip-synching, and just as I was thinking how grateful I was that he couldn’t actually hear my singing voice, he raised up a copy of today’s Delta Optimist, pointed at it, and gave me a big ol’ thumbs up. It took me a minute to understand what the heck he was doing, but once I figured out that he recognized me from my (incredibly LARGE) photo in the newspaper, it totally made my day.

So, I just wanted to say HELLO! to all of you who are here for the first time today. Please feel free to stick around, read a few things, make some comments, and consider making a donation to Delta Hospice. It’s nice to have you along for the ride – I hope I can keep you entertained and inspired for the next seven months… thanks so much for your support!