You’re Kidding, Right?

3.26.2010 | Camping, Facts

You know sometimes, when you ask a question, and as it’s still hanging in the air your brain says to you, “perhaps you do not WANT the answer to this question…”, well…
Too late!
Me: Hey there Friend Who Climbed Kili Last Year!
FWCKLY: Well, hello Robyn!
Me: I have a question for you, FWCKLY
FWCKLY: Ask away!
Me: I’m buying some gear this weekend, and I was wondering what you brought when you climbed Kili last year, so I can use that as a guide!
FWCKLY: I’ll email you my packing list!
Me: Wonderful! How entirely generous and thoughtful of you, FWCKLY
… Time passes…
Me: Oh, looky here! It is that email from FWCKLY that I have been waiting for regarding what to pack for my own Kilimanjaro climb this August
*opens attachment*
sturdy hiking boots, liner sock plus heavier sock
25 to 30 liter daypack with hipbelt (waterproofed with a garbage bag)
sunglasses/ sunscreen / lip balm / sun hat
a camelback is great
hiking poles, warm hat, warm layer such as a fleece jacket
light gloves and overmitts
quick dry hiking pants, synthetic hiking shirt
Gore-Tex pants and jacket
toilet paper + bag to carry it out
personal medications, moleskin for blisters
camera (optional)
Me: Well that all seems to be in order! Golly, looks like I’m off to a good start! I’ve got the boots, the socks, the pack… yep got all that stuff, got my Camelback, mitts, jacket, pants, shirt – yep, yep, yep! Toilet paper, and … a … bag to… carry it…out…
Me: Oh, FWCKLY, it seems as though there is a small typo on your packing list. Funny thing, it seems to say that not only do I need to bring toilet paper, but that, hahaha, I need to also carry out the *ahem* used toilet paper as well. Now isn’t that a funny typo? Hahaha.
FWCKLY: Um, that’s not a typo. That’s a reality.
Me: …
*dials phone*
Hi there. Yeah, this is Robyn Thomson. I’d like to cancel my flight to Tanzania, please.