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With Our Powers Combined, we are… TEAM KILI 2010

4.20.2010 | My Blog, The Team

This morning I am having a very exciting meeting!

I am hoping to add two more outrageous women to the Kili 2010 team that will join Ali and I in our weird African Adventure this August. The really cool thing is that just last week, Ali’s friend Christopher took the big leap and said he was in, too! We are now a team of THREE!

I know that one of the women I am meeting with today is on the team for sure, so she and I are going to work hard at getting the SECOND woman to go. Even though she’ll probably get mad at us for not flossing on summit day…

I really hope that tomorrow I can tell you all that the Kili 2010 team is five strong.

Cross your fingers for me!!