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6.03.2010 | Facts, My Blog

As I prepare for the upcoming Kili Gala this Saturday, I am reading up on all things East Africa so as to awe all my guests with my superior knowledge. In fact, with all the incredible amount of important information stored in my brains at this time, I fully expect a phone call from the U.N. at any moment.


*taps foot*

…they must be busy or something.I’m sure they’ll get around to it.

So, what fascinating, scintillating, impressive, important information have I gleaned from my wander through cyber-space and beyond? Well, how about…

Hippos lick crocodiles.

Lions remember. (scroll down for the greatest video EVAR.)

I totally want a baby giraffe.

Elephants sneeze… then freak out.

Warthogs like rhinos.

Cheetahs have no class. (warning: funny but semi-gross)

I have also learned something very, VERY important: for the love of all that is holy, I am hoping that while on my safari, all the animals are either sleeping or playing, because if I see an animal chase down and disembowel another animal, I will completely lose my mind.





Just close your eyes and chant “I’m the top of the food chain, I’m the top of the food chain…”