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Posts Tagged ‘unemployment’

Seven Days Later…

5.17.2010 | 2 Comments

A week ago today I lost my job.

I haven’t told many people, because I didn’t see the point in doing so. I told some key people of course, and I let the Hospice know as well, given that this could very well affect my climb. But I sort of kept it ‘secret’ for seven days.

But there it is. Cat’s out of the bag now. I am no longer employed.

Last Wednesday, I had a meeting at the Delta Hospice, and was still sort of numb from the whole ‘jobless’ ordeal that had occurred two days prior. Nevertheless, I put my emotions aside, and tried to walk into the Hospice with my head held high.

I went in and was greeted at the front desk by one of the cheerful volunteers. “I’m here for a meeting”, I say, and she says, “I know! Follow me”. We walk down the hall, and this lovely woman turns to me and with a huge smile says, “I hear congratulations are in order!”

I sort of stumble and say, “Ummmmm… for what?”

And she says, “I hear that a whole world of new opportunities has just opened up for you”

And there it was.

For the past week I had been trying to be as positive as I could about losing my job, and sure I’d gone the ‘this is a good thing’ route. But to hear someone else say it like that, like it was some tremendous thing, and something to be excited about… well, that just made a world of difference. And what do you know… my head was held high, then.

I love the team at The Delta Hospice. Everyone there , be they staff or volunteers, seems to be kind, compassionate, selfless, and positive. There’s a level of reality, and of gratitude there, you know? The work they do can be so very difficult, but the team they have there makes it possible for them to come back each morning, and look forward to the day. Yes, of course there is a level of satisfaction with doing a job so rewarding and fulfilling, but it wouldn’t be possible without a supportive, open team. If only we all could work in such an environment.

The Delta Hospice Society: Home of The Dream Team!

And so, as for me, I’m going to take some time for myself. Maybe do a bit more training, focus on some things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, catch up with great friends, be inspired, and keep my eyes open for new career opportunities while doing so. Sounds pretty good, eh?

Congratulations, indeed.