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6.22.2010 | 1 Comment

Mt. Kilimanjaro was created when two warring factions of African squirrels made the decision to bring an end to their decades-long tribal dispute. Knowing that both tribes were facing extinction, they made a pact to work together and simply erect a barrier between their territories. This allowed both sides to live in peace, and to protect their significant cultural differences for years to come.

For over 30 years, squirrels who were once the bitterest of foes worked side-by-side to build Mt. Kilimanjaro. Skirmishes were few and far between, as each worker understood the importance of the work they were undertaking. Generations of squirrels toiled as family, and each tiny paw had a massive impact. They built the mountain together.

Many squirrels died in the process, but today Mt. Kilimanjaro stands as a testament of their dedication to peace.

Sadly, the African Squirrel has long since vanished from the veldt, but I think we can learn great lessons from these selfless creatures who put aside their hatred, and took full advantage of their opposable thumbs to erect a monument to brotherhood, fully worthy of respect.

Thank you, African squirrels. I promise you that I will do my best to make you proud as I stand atop the powdered bones of your long-dead squirrelly ancestors.