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Late Disclaimer

4.27.2010 | 2 Comments

So, tomorrow morning I am meeting with Nancy Macey, the Head Honcho(Honchess? Honchette?) at The Delta Hospice Society. Nancy is a lovely woman, and obviously someone who is capable of making things happen. I admire her greatly, and have a profound respect for her determination and professionalism.

But for some reason, I’m nervous about meeting with her! I’ve met her before, but in a group of people, so she most likely wouldn’t remember me. I’ve heard little snippets from people here and there about things she does that make me smile (you know, aside from that whole Build-a-Hospice thing). Apparently she reads my blog from time to time, and has even forwarded an entry on to someone else. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

So, why does she want to see me NOW? I mean, I’ve been doing this whole Kili thing for months, and now I have a meeting with her. It can only be one thing: my Tobias/God post. That’s got to be it. I mean, did I *really* think I’d get away with the sentence “so, you’ve been dicking around with God again, have you?“…

That’s it. I’m toast.

She’s going to shake my hand and say, “Robyn, we appreciate all you’ve done, but I need to be honest… you’re a little crazy in the coconut, girl. I mean, satyrs? Mermaids? God Veggies? What is WRONG with you, lady? Were you dropped on your head as a child or something?”

I can *totally* see Nancy Macey saying that, can’t you?

So… in order to preempt my humiliation at the Centre for Supportive Care tomorrow morning, let me just give this small disclaimer that I should have publicised at the onset…

The Delta Hospice Society may support Robyn in her endeavor to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise $10,000 for the Delta Hospice Society, but they may not necessarily support her literary oddities. If Robyn comes off as being a complete kookbag, The Delta Hospice Society may be forced to hide under their desks and not answer the door when the media comes knocking. The Delta Hospice Society reserves the right to scream “WE’RE NOT HERE” with impunity. The Delta Hospice Society may not agree with or support Robyn’s opinions, but we respect her right to say them, provided she do so with impeccable spelling and with the least amount of grammatical errors possible. Although the Delta Hospice Society may nod and smile when asked about Robyn’s endeavour, we ask that you please ignore the askew eyebrow reactions. Head shaking and facepalming are par for the course.

Thank you.

There. That should do it. See you tomorrow, Nancy!