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Posts Tagged ‘cherry garcia’

Here Piggy Piggy!

4.13.2010 | 10 Comments

In the past 2 weeks as I’ve been lying about all ill and feeling pathetic, my appetite has been somewhat nonexistant. With that, my weight dropped significantly, to where my hip bones were protruding and my cheeks were drawn in. It wasn’t a nice look. I mean, I’m all for looking fit and trim, but the whole ‘starving-coke-addicted-supermodel’ look just isn’t all that attractive.

So… I had to put on some fat. Last week I went out and did something very, very  awesome  bad: I bought a wee bucket of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, and then I sat down and ate the WHOLE THING.

I must say, it certainly helped pack the fat back on. I felt somewhat ill after doing it, but it was worth it. That’s why Tums were invented.

However, this morning at 3am, I was tossing and turning in bed, feeling horrible and anxious about my weight gain. I went too far. I sold my Skinny Soul for a pint of cherry ice cream.  I feel fluffy, puffy, chubby and wiggly.

Not what a mountain climber should be feeling.

So, at about 4am this morning I got up and went to the Open Space Yoga website to see what classes I could take. I may not be able to go all out with exercising yet, but I can at least try some gentle yoga to get back into it.

So, after packing my lunch this morning (brown rice, veggies and tofu), I also packed my dinner (quinoa, veggies and prawns), so that I could go to yoga class right after work. If I go home, I tend to make excuses to miss class, so I’m trying to fight that by simply staying at work until I have to leave for class. Hopefully it works.

I’m very disappointed in myself. I’m ashamed, if I can be honest with you… I feel like I’ve taken a big leap backwards health-wise, and it’s kind of overwhelming to have to start again. I’m very disappointed.

Cherry Garcia… you weren’t worth it.