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Oh Taste Test!

4.12.2010 | My Blog, Protein Bar Taste Test

Brand: Oh Yeah! (seriously)

Flavour: Chocolate and caramel (oh yeah!)

Tag Line: Rich in natural essential fats (ummm… this is a selling point?)

First Ingredient: Peanuts

 Although I laughed at the name of this bar (and I’ll be honest, the silliness of the name nearly made me resist purchasing it), the picture on the wrapper was a very good selling point. It shows this bar looking EXACTLY like an Oh Henry! chocolate bar. No kidding. However, upon opening the wrapper, I saw that the Oh Yeah! bar looks… EXACTLY like an Oh Henry! chocolate bar. And the taste? Like the morning after Halloween, when you sneak in a bite-sized candy bar before breakfast – so wonderfully wicked. Woo hoo! Trademark infringement never tasted so good!

But, I wonder… how similar are the Brothers Oh! ? Let’s find out!

                                     Oh Yeah!                   Oh Henry!

Weight:                      3oz (85g)                    2oz (57g)

Calories                     380                              263

Sugars                        8g                                26.3g

Total Fat                    19g                              13.1g

Sodium                      130mg                       110mg

Total Carbs                31g                              37.3g

Cholesterol                5mg                            4mg

Protein                       26g                              4.4g

Huh. Aside from the sugar content, it’s essentially the same bar, isn’t it? Oh BOY! But really, that’s not a good thing, is it? Sadly, I’ll be leaving the Oh Yeah! Bar at Oh Base Camp! Now… after all that sugar, where did I put the celery?




Honestly.. I couldn’t tell which was the lesser evil 🙂