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Got Math?

5.23.2010 | Facts, My Blog

Ok, let’s see here…

*grabs calculator*

If the length of the ogling swimming pool is 25 metres, and Kili is 19, 340 feet…

*tappity tap tap*

… that means that Kili is 5895 metres, and so that’s going to be…

*tappity tap tap tap*

236 lengths of the pool… which divided by 2 is…

*tap tap*

188 LAPS of the pool.


SO! If it takes me about 60 seconds to do one lap of the pool, then all I need to do to simulate the amount of energy it will take to climb Kili is…

*tappity tap tap tap tap*

…swim for two solid hours.

Not a problem.

Now, where is my flowered swim cap and matching oxygen tank?



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