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4.05.2010 | My Blog, Uncategorized

It was certainly a successful Easter dinner! Usually, I tend to over-eat and gorge on all the wrong things, but this year I did very well for myself. No sore tummy and gastronomically-induced groaning, no Tums chasers, no multiple-dessert regrets. I ate a reasonable amount of dinner – weird!

The fact of the matter is – well, I was simply too exhausted to eat a truck load of food. Getting up for seconds wasn’t even a possibility, considering that I was struggling with the simple act of bringing a forkfull of tasty goodness to face level.

I think I need to go to the doctor.

Odd that the reason to see my GP is because I *don’t* have a visibly larger stomach the day after Easter dinner.

“So, what brings you in today, Robyn?”

“I wasn’t a glutton at Easter”

“MY GOD WOMAN! Call an ambulance! You’re SICK!”

I can’t believe I have to wait until Thanksgiving now in order to eat myself into a coma. This sucks.

But for now… I’m going back to bed. G’night.