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6.26.2010 | My Blog, Uncategorized

I’ve done a bit of solo traveling (America, France, Australia, Mexico…), and as great as it is to see the world, it’s just so much more fulfilling to share the world. I’m tired of traveling alone. Seeing all these amazing, strange, breathtaking things, and then turning around to see no one beside me to be in awe with. As much as I like the fact that I can wake up at 7am with an entire day ahead of me in an exotic locale, going to bed alone at the end of the day with no one to excitedly recount the adventures of the day with is really difficult.

I remember being in Paris on Christmas Day, and being totally alone. I was in this *tiny* hotel room, and all I had was my book, a journal, some bread, and my 14 billionth wheel of brie to keep me company. I had spent the day in a laundromat (which I promptly flooded owing to my inability to read French directions on the washing machine), then had gone out for coffee before running to the local store and grabbing some important provisions (fruit, wine, chocolate…).

I came back to my horrendously expensive rented hovel, and rooted through my groceries for a make-shift dinner. After the rattling of the plastic bag was finished, and the brown paper on the bread had been ripped back, I sat down on the bed in total, complete silence. It was so quiet that I lost my appetite.

It wasn’t that I had a bad day or anything – in fact, I kind of get a kick out of the fact that I destroyed a Parisienne laundromat and wandered around in the sleet of December 25th – it was that I had no one to laugh with about my adventures of the day. I became very, very lonely.

I wrapped my dinner back up and put it carefully in my backpack. At 6:30pm, I went to sleep.

I’m tired of traveling alone. I love the fact that I’ll be sharing my Kili experiences with Ali, Christopher and Amanda, and I’m thrilled that I get to blog about it to all of you, as well. I may be on my own when I wander through Dar es Salaam, and I may be swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar all on my own, but I know that you’ll all be here. I’ll get to tell my stories, and recount them moments after they happen, not 2 weeks later when I’m picked up at the airport and want to breathlessly cram 3 weeks of stories into the 20-minute car ride home.

So thank you. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. Your support means more than you know to the lonely, solo traveler in me.

48 days…




hoelee craaaaap, eh? 48 days!


From Stacey: “Speaking as someone who isn’t able to do this type of traveling (not yet anyway) . . .I feel like I can be with you while you are seeing the world. I love this blog and remember honey, no matter how far (or just around the corner) you are not alone – – never alone.
Love you :)”


Hey there! Thanks for taking the time and courage to share it all, no holds barr on the blog. Like Stacey, I enjoy reading every bit of it. And it’s incredibly inspirational too! (How many times EXACTLY have I already said ?!?) Now, back to the mountain… 48 days!!!

p/s: Last night, I dreamt of making my way to the Kili concert to see you and Ali and getting completely lost! It was a surreal AND scary dream… coz’ I ended up with a bunch of people who doesn’t speak English and wouldn’t allow me to use the internet!! Seriously…..