A Twit of a Mystery (Twit-stery? Mys-twit-ry?)

3.26.2010 | Media

How exciting! I officially have followers on Twitter!

How odd. I don’t actually have a Twitter account.

This is quite the conundrum, isn’t it? I have never even looked into the whole Twitter phenomenon, as I… well… I don’t understand it, and that makes me feel really, really old. Old people can’t climb Kili!

DAMN YOU, TWITTER! You’re prematurely aging me and compromising my adventure!

Where once I happily blamed Nazis for all the ills in my life (ills such as running out of milk in the morning, having excess dog hair in the car, stubbing my toe, burning out my popcorn machine, red lights, lack of hot water, late doctors, broken dental floss, and accidentally jabbing my finger up my nose as I vigorously wash my face in the morning...), I will now begin laying blame on Twitter. Everything is now the fault of Twitter. Ahhhh, seems that life just got a whole lot easier for me.

But really – what is this Twitter mystery that I am now faced with? Is someone “Twitting” in my name? Is there a Kili Climbing Crying Girly Girl imposter out there? And if there is… are they at least entertaining? Because really, I’m ok with imposters and all, but I just don’t want them to make me look boring.

Tomorrow the mystery will undoubtedly be solved: I am meeting with a fancy-schmancy Internet website guru-type human. He has generously donated his time and skill to my cause, and has set up a website for Climb for Hospice to assist me in getting more info out, and getting more donations in. I am assuming my Magical, Mystical Twitter account has something to do with that.

I’ll keep you posted.

You know, maybe I’ll check my Twitter account for an update and get back to you.