1.08.2010 | Cara Thien, Motivation, Personal Trainer

I survived my training session last night – kind of. I can walk today, but that’s only out of sheer determination on my part to deny any type of pain whatsoever. I figure this could be helpful when it comes to climbing Kili.

My trainer Cara,( is crazy. I mean incredible. She gets to know her clients really well, and so is then able to know what motivates them best. For example, I am *not* a bootcamp kind of gal. If someone yells at me I will cry. It is very hard for me to do push ups when I’m crying.

Cara does not yell at me, but she does push me quite hard. She is enthusiastic and supportive, and always positive about the work I have done that session. She doesn’t poke my belly fat and giggle saying, “hey there Stay Puft!”, she doesn’t send spies after me when I go grocery shopping to make sure I stay out of the cracker aisle, and she doesn’t roll her eyes, throw her hands up and walk away in a snit when I only do 47 sit-ups instead of 50.

That being said, working out with her is not easy, even though she’s really sneaky and makes it seem like you’re going to be doing really simple exercises. For example, last night she had me walk up and down her hallway in a crouching position (with my chest and chin up high). Pfffft, whatever. It’s crouching, how hard can that be? I fell over three times, found out EXACTLY where my quads are, and at one point I think I started grunting like a constipated gorilla. I’m not sure, though. That could have been the dog. (Always blame the dog.)

Anyway, my first workout after seven weeks away went pretty much as well as I expected. I have resolved to walk around my house in a crouchy-type position from here on in, as I want to build up my stamina and quad strength. I figure this too, could be helpful when it comes to climbing Kili.