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Copy cat! Copy cat!

3.26.2010 | 0 Comments

So, Ali is a total Copy Cat.

I went out months ago and bought new boots for this whole Kili Adventure, and have been hiking in them, and trying to break them in, get them comfy, and figure out if I can survive 7 days of walking in them.

Ali has been hiking in some weird pair of 1960’s stiff leather boots that her mother bought when she immigrated to Canada from Britain 40 years ago or something. Anyway, Ali’s feet are all blistered-up, broken, bent, squished and cranky because Ali hasn’t had the chance to buy new boots yet. Until last weekend.

She calls me up on Sunday and excitedly tells me that she finally has new boots. “That’s great!”, I reply. She’s really excited about them, because they’re comfortable, durable, and really don’t look too bad as far as footwear fashion goes. “That’s great, Ali! So, what are they like?”

“They’re green-ish with a light tan colour, were made by Scarpa, have round laces, and…”

Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Round laces? “Yep”. Greenish? “Uh, huh”. Scarpa? “Yep. Why are you aski… ohhhh…. nooooo…”

Oh, yes. Ali has managed to root through the bajillion pair of available hiking boots out there and has managed to buy the same pair that I did back in January. Nicely done, my friend.

I mean really! How embarassing! Do you know how humiliating it is to show up at a mountain wearing the same boots as someone else!? You look forward to climbing this mountain, you prep, you choose your outfiit, you get all shapely-looking and *bam!* your whooooole adventure is ruined because some other woman shows up in YOUR boots and, AND looks better in them than you do.

This is terrible.

Thanks a lot, Ali.

Everything is like, totally ruined now. Humpf.