7.26.2010 | 0 Comments

The house is in shambles, there are always dishes to be done, the laundry is piling up, the floors need to be swept, I have no bathroom ceiling, it smells like dog in here, my office looks like a literary crime scene, the recycling is threatening to create it’s own nation, there are boxes to take to the Thrift Store, and I desperately need to wash the car.

I have to get a money order for the climb, traveler’s cheques for the trip, book my post-trip excursion, photocopy my travel documents, arrange transport through the various places in Tanzania that I need to get to, learn to sing ‘Climb Every Mountain’ at high altitude, and fund raise a little over $4300.

I’m on-edge, grumpy, feeling overwhelmed, overtaxed, underemployed, and underfunded. I’m frustrated, snarky, impatient, bitchy, exhausted and disappointed.

I have just enough time to want more time.

I’m not having fun anymore.

Tomorrow, I practice packing my bags and, just for you, I will record it here for posterity.

There’s a good chance that my brain will finally explode and leak out through my ear canals.

It could get messy.

It’s a good thing I’ll have a camera at the ready.


Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

7.18.2010 | 0 Comments

As the days to go become less, (23 days until I hop on that plane!), the pile of STUFF that I have just keeps on growing. I’m trying to keep it all organized, but it’s like a hideous Gear Virus that is spreading mercilessly throughout the house. Bags of stuff from Valhalla Pure, bags of stuff from London Drugs, bags of stuff from Pharmasave, bags of stuff from MEC… I think I need a bigger bag in which to stuff all the stuff from these bags.

I have to pack clothes for beach, desert, rainforest, alpine, snow, and veldt.

I am couch surfing, camping, staying in beach huts, collapsing in hotels, and possibly staying in lodges.

I need hiking boots and flip flops, gaiters, long underwear, fleece, down, bikinis, sarongs, hats, socks, snow pants, a rain shell, shirts, pants, sunglasses, a headlamp, a good pair of gloves, and capris.

I need a sleeping bag, Therma-Rest, hiking poles, my water bladder, toilet paper, baby wipes, and medication.

And how about the iPod, camera, handycam, batteries, memory cards, chargers, and cords? Can’t forget those.

I need snacks. Lots and lots of snacks.

I need money. Lots and lots of money.

I need help. Lots and lots of help.

*puts head in hands*